Day six and seven and still having FUN

Day six and seven

What I have found is either I don’t have enough time to do the lesson or the students finish their work way too quickly!!!! Today we had an ICT moment (lol) what happened was a student decided to sit on the computer, which was on a table. How did he do it, I have no idea???????? What he was doing was talking to another teacher who was in the room, casually sat down and sat on the computer. What happened then was the screen was sideways, the mouse was backwards and wouldn’t respond the way it should ……………. My mentor was starting to panic as she had lots to do before a staff meeting. We rang the school ICT person, who said try and change the rotation by right clicking the screen. Do you think we could move the mouse …………. Then a light bulb moment!!!!! How about linking it to the interactive whiteboard and use the pen to navigate the screen. Walla it worked, the teacher was happy and we went back to normal. Other than this I have been working on projecting my voice more and to also get the students attention. Overall I am still having FUN


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