Day five

Today I got to teach the class for most of the day ……….. How did I go? Buggered by the end!!!! The students were great, they did what was asked of them, listened when they needed to but at times it did get a little crazy!!!!!! Because it’s a grade 1/2 class they are learning different things so to try and help all of them can get a little hectic. I was teaching the grade 2 class ‘differences’ using a number line, this was a task in itself. What I ended up doing was moving the group outside, using a small whiteboard and working through it as a whole group so that I didn’t have to repeat myself. This was ok, students were responding but out of the blue my ASD student went into complete meltdown as they were finding it difficult. Strategies I ended having to do that did work in the end to calm the student down and to get him back on task was being firm, giving direct instructions and showing them were to write. The student soon stopped crying and managed to complete the last question. Lessoned learnt for today was that anything can happen out of the blue and being prepared for anything needs to be thought about! Now to get resources printed, laminated for tomorrow’s lessons J


One thought on “Day five

  1. Ha ha I understand how you feel! Today I had a lot to get through in 25 minutes (with an unexpected shortened lesson) and had a cutting activity. After giving them only 3 mind to chop pics before sorting, the students were arranging their pictures on desks and a gust of wind blew the pics all over the place! One of my students couldn’t get past it, despite my efforts to tell him he didn’t need the whole set to do the activity! Expect the unexpected when teaching hey? Lol. Have a great day today.


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