Week one Prac

Week 1 has been completed! Am I having fun? Yes. What have I learnt this week? Is a number of things ………….. It is ok to project my voice (feedback from the teacher) louder to gain the students attention when they are not listening. I used other methods for this, for example hands on my head or clapping a beat. This worked good for the children who were paying attention but I need to come up with other strategies for the ones who aren’t. Next thing to do is to hit the shops and see what I can come up with!! Otherwise the week and days are flying by. I really enjoy how my mentor breaks the class up into groups during lesson times. Each group is given a different activity to do, for example for spelling she had one group playing hangman with the words, another group finding other words with the same blends but are not their spelling words, writing out their spelling words on the pavers using chalk and dice game. The dice game consisted of a number of cards with different ways to write their words in their books, first you roll the dice and look for that number and complete the task. The students are always engaged with the activities as they don’t spend to long doing the same thing and just listening to the teacher talk, its hands on learning. The stations incorporate the many multiple intelligences we use to learn. I also have had the opportunity to teach at all these lessons, which has been great for my nerves! The planning is becoming easier as I can see where the lessons are going and what we are looking for. Next week’s challenge is that I will teach most of Monday as the teacher will be in and out of the room ……… am I excited? YES.


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