first and second day of Prac

Well I have successfully completed my first two days of Prac!!!! What a roller coaster ride, I wasn’t nervous before the Prac, which I thought was strange but I put it down to knowing beforehand what we were going to be teaching the students. The first day rolled in, it was a good day to be the first. During the middle period the class had HPE and Music, which I went along to observe different styles of teaching. Each teacher was very welcoming and did give some pointers for when I become a teacher. For example: I was told that when teaching a class outside the teacher looks to the sun so that the students can see you better (something I didn’t think about). The day went very quickly almost to the point that lessons were moved on very quickly (I don’t know how they can teach everything they need to in a day, there is not enough hours in the day!). The students were very welcoming and were happy when told I was going to be in the class for the next three weeks. What I did observe throughout the day was how much reflecting the students did. Reflections about their learning, their choices and behaviours and what they should be doing, it was about the students taking responsibilities for their own actions. This seemed to work as the students were able to reframe from behaviours. Once the day ended and all of the students left it was time for my mentor and myself to sit down and work out what I lessons I was going to teach. We worked out Science (whole class), English and Maths (small group activities). So off home I went to write up my lesson plans and find resources to use for my lessons the next day.

Day 2

What a full on night I had trying to write up my first lesson plan for Primary School (real life), I was second guessing myself on how I was going to present my materials, making sure that I covered all bases and will be able to maintain the students attention for the whole duration. Then the day started, went to school, made sure all my resources work, the interactive white board worked, the online games and videos worked- nope, the link didn’t down load properly. So then the major butterflies came, how I will find it again, I did have a backup plan just in case but good old google saved the day and I found the link again. The bell rings for the students to come inside, stomachs turning, feeling flushed ………… the teacher told the class that I was going to teach them something new and then the lesson begun. How do I think it went alright for the first time, I could have expanded the student’s answers by asking questions, I probably need to move through the sections faster but overall it went well. The one thing the teacher said was I needed to wait the children out who were not listening as she finds if she stands at the front still and quiet they then realise everyone is watching them and they then will do the right thing. Both the teacher and I were amazed that the students had some good knowledge of the topics so we have discussed how to further challenge them in the next lesson.

How do I feel now? Great and I don’t think I will be as nervous when I am teaching other lessons and each time I will be able to learn something new myself!

Best part is I have already received a “I love you card” from one of the students (they are grade 1/2)



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