Nearly Prac time, so how do I make sure ICT is included within my learning environment

Time is getting closer for me to start my first Prac in a school setting, how do I feel? I am excited and cant wait to start but I know I probably will feel a little over whelmed in the first few days. Luckily I have had previous experiences using an interactive whiteboard so I know that I will be fine in that compartment but hope I can incorporate my lesson plans to adequately teach the children. After reading becgibney’s blog about how she is already planning activities for her placement. I had a look at the sites she spoke about: Getting started with Technology integration in the classroom, this blog is good because it provides you with some standards on how to integrate technology into the classroom. I clicked on the standards to see what it had to offer, was it going to be useful? I have to say YES! not only does it give you the standard but it also explains how you can include it within the class room. The only down fall was I went to the iTunes store to see if I could download the app and it kept coming up that it is only available in the USA and not Australia ……… that was disappointing but I have bookmarked it for future use.


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