Prac check list & tips from a qualified teacher

I had a giggle when I read this, especially the plumbers bum part! I too also did a check list, collecting as much resources I can take with me so that I don’t look unorganised. I even after 16 years bought a lunch box!!! I also cannot agree any more on how fast this semester has gone, prac was so far away and now its only 2 weeks away. Good luck everyone and I am sure we will have lots of stories to tell.

The Liberation of a Luddite

Prac.- the panic has started …..So much to organise!!!


Still to do………Print Lesson Plan templates.

Tips from a recently graduated teacher 

My friend provided the following advice from her prac experiences and observations:

  • Make sure your facebook or any other social media is as closed as possible!
  • Organise a meeting and be prepared with questions.
  • Pack your own coffee mug, water bottle & food that is convenient & quick to eat on the run!
  • Check with mentor about the clothing…

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