A2 thinking process…

I have been working on my assignment two for EDC3100 this week, while working through my weekly tasks for the subject. I spent a lot of hours going backwards and forwards from documents, USQ sites, ACARA and QCAA and trying to work out if all my areas link to one another, and do they make sense and will they be engaging for the students. Then I came across a post from jhamer23 and how they incorporated their ideas into a mind map. What a brilliant idea, I did one earlier in the course for my reasons for ICT, it never crossed my mind to do one for my learning experiences.

EDC3100 ICT learning adventures

I thought going along the concept map path might be a simplistic & straight forward way to present my ideas for assignment 2. Although it doesn’t go into much depth it covers the overall purpose behind my unit (tweaks are too come I’m sure) and it’s a good reference point for myself if I get a bit lost along the planning stages.

I decided to go with the early middle years (4) for this assignment as I find most of my past HPE units have be focused on Yr 6+ age group, so this will be something new for myself whilst having a close relation to my up coming prac & the Australian Curriculum.

I have to agree with khowa81 in regards to unit planning assignments as I too believe they have great purpose in our progression towards becoming teachers. However my ‘simple enough’ outlook…

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