Khan academy ……… What areyour thoughts?

About 4 years ago I was referred to Khan academy you tube clips for my son who finds learning difficult. I have to say I was impressed with the way in which he explained things and the best bit my son did enjoy watching his clips. One example of th clips is his Basic multiplication clip:

I then came across this critique that was posted by Valerie Strauss from the Washington post about Khan academy and how little knowledge has for teaching mathematics. The one thing I leant in my mathematics subject I under took last year was it is about how you get the answer, as long as you can explain it, demonstrate it and the answer is correct, that is what counts. Khan started this project just as a helper for his nephew, which then grew into some thing bigger. I believe that the critique was  a little harsh and that everyone is an individual and learns differently, if one child can learn from it then they have done their job, I know it worked for my son.

Click here to access Khan academy website


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