See what I can do…

I would have not thought of making videos, doing online resentations until studying EDC3100. I was impressed that I could make a power point presentation with audio voice over, but now after lots of guidance from our lecturer I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have opened up a whole new world, which I thought you had to be a genius to do!!! Just like Becgibney, I too have been doing some researching and are amazed on how easy things are on the web 🙂


I’m a bit of a gamer. I’m not completely obsessed, but I have one game I love but can’t play during semester as it takes a lot of my time. I play World of Warcraft. Now, as mush as I love the game, watching video footage of others playing can be just as fun..

Let me set the scene. You are in a dungeon with 10 other people in your guild. Before you is a room full of dragon eggs. If you step too close they hatch and attack, hundreds of dragons, very hard to survive. You could bypass the room altogether, but one person in your group, Leroy Jenkins, needs to go in. So you stand outside the room while the leader of the group explains, at length, how you are going to enter and defeat the dragons inside. You get bored, scream your name as a war cry…

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