Learning Through Games… Computer games can be educational..

After playing this weeks learning activity Dragon box, I came across becgibney blog about other sites for learning games. I now believe that if you have the time to research you would be surprised on what you can find on the internet. The question then is the role of the teacher going to be obsolete in the future?


During classes this week we had the chance to play a game called Dragon Box, which is an online game teaching kids how to do algebra in a fun way. Unlike most people, I did not find it interesting. I played for a while but just did not see the point of the game. Looking into it further and reading some of the other students’ reviews, perhaps the game does have some merit for the younger generation, and those that actually like Maths. Myself, I loved algebra, I was good at Maths, I went to Maths camp two years in a row, then came equations with “E” and that was me done. But then I read a post by Jocelyn, a fellow English pre-service teacher, and though I didn’t like the game as she did, she posed an interesting idea… “are there online games for English?”… So I searched…

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