Theorists: Who do you believe to be on the right path?

Theorists are people who come up with great ideas? Not all are right, right? When I look to a theorist who I believe has any idea of how children should learn I would have to agree with Friedrich Froebel’s claim. He claims that the teacher should recognise each student as an individual and that they need to be educated according to his or her own needs and interests. They also need to be encourage to “express themselves creatively.” How is this done, through observations, gaining as much information and involvement from the family and community. The children need the freedom to express themselves individually. If that means using an IPad to do their work on or they enjoy using pen and paper they SHOULD be allowed too. Out the window for Freire’s banking concept of “teachers teaches and the students are taught and that the teachers know everything and the students know nothing.” Teacher’s everyday learn from their students………. I for one have learnt a number of things from four year olds. For example how to turn an IPad on and what shapes are what …… who knew there was a dodecagon? I didn’t!!!!!


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