Day five

Today I got to teach the class for most of the day ……….. How did I go? Buggered by the end!!!! The students were great, they did what was asked of them, listened when they needed to but at times it did get a little crazy!!!!!! Because it’s a grade 1/2 class they are learning … More Day five

Week one Prac

Week 1 has been completed! Am I having fun? Yes. What have I learnt this week? Is a number of things ………….. It is ok to project my voice (feedback from the teacher) louder to gain the students attention when they are not listening. I used other methods for this, for example hands on my … More Week one Prac

Nearly Prac time, so how do I make sure ICT is included within my learning environment

Time is getting closer for me to start my first Prac in a school setting, how do I feel? I am excited and cant wait to start but I know I probably will feel a little over whelmed in the first few days. Luckily I have had previous experiences using an interactive whiteboard so I … More Nearly Prac time, so how do I make sure ICT is included within my learning environment

Prac check list & tips from a qualified teacher

Originally posted on The Liberation of a Luddite:
Prac.- the panic has started …..So much to organise!!! Checklist Organise meet and greet with my mentor and prac class….check. Compose list of questions to ask mentor prior to prac….check. Investigate school website and print out class times….check, check. Start PE folder with information and reources…check. Print…

“Cyber smart”

Last week’s task was to complete a Professional experience about being “Cyber smart.” The program consisted of four modules: The connected world Cyber safety and your students Schools and the law Putting it into practice Each module gave you information, examples and case studies. In the toolbox section it provides you with a number of … More “Cyber smart”

Being cyber smart

This weeks task for EDC3100 we are looking at being cyber smart. To learn about this we are doing a online course through the Australian Government called Cyber(smart). It consist of a number of modules that you work through at your own pace. What I have useful is the resources available to you as a … More Being cyber smart